We protect your audiovisual content using modern technology like YouTube's Content ID System, combined with manual DMCA takedowns.


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YourMedia Premium Content Protection

Whether you want to monetize or take down unauthorized copies of your content - YourMedia provides a full-service DRM solution to original content owners.

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Industry-Leading Revenue Shares

We believe that it should be you who gets the biggest portion of your content's revenue.

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You Decide What Stays Online

You can individually decide whether you want to monetize or take down copies.

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Earn Additional Revenue

We can monetize all unauthorized copies of your original content on YouTube for you.

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Full-Service Solution

You only need to tell us how to handle which type of content once - we'll do the rest.

NEW Protect your original music with YourMedia.

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Always know what's happening.

We won't let you in the dark - our extensive dashboard give you insights on your channels, contents, and revenues.

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Payments Overview

View all your past and future payments and request instant payouts.

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Advanced Analytics

See more information about your claims, revenue and content.

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Start protecting your original content.

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